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Pregnancy and birth is a time full of expectancy and BirthPointe wants to offer you as many options as we can. 


 We provide...

               Pregnancy Confirmation

               Prenatal Visits

               Home Birth

               Water Birth

               Newborn Assessment


               Post Partum


Prenatal Visits


All of your visits will be conducted by a

Certified Nurse Midwife.  At these visits your

pregnancy will be evaluated for appropriate

fetal growth, fetal movement, fetal heart beat,

appropriate weight gain and vital signs.  


During the early part of your pregnancy, visits

will occur once per month, and as you

progress, your visits will be become more


frequent with


appointments and

finally changing

to weekly visits.


It is during these visits that a true relationship

forms between a midwife and her client.  These

visits are where you will see the difference

between what a midwife can offer and where

traditional care lacks the humanistic approach.


Home Birth

Nothing is more intimate than a birth at your own

home.  It is where people find the most comfort


because the

surrounding is familiar.  

It is a place where you

get to decide where and

how you want to birth,

who will be present

and how many people

will be there.  Some

couples want to keep

the event between the

two of them, allowing for a level of intimacy

that cannot be rivaled, and others want it to be a family

affair, where baby will be greeted by loving family

members, and still others believe that birth is a spiritual

journey that should only be shared with a select

few.  Whatever your desire is, BirthPointe wants

to help you achieve your birth plan. 

Water Birth

BirthPointe has access to birth pools if that is

something you desire.  Many beautiful births have

occurred in the water!  Laboring in water offers a

solution for pain management and has been

called by some as the "Midwife's epidural". 

BirthPointe fully complies with the recommended

standards of the Texas Midwifery Board on Water




Birth Center Birth


Currently, BirthPointe is offering home birth, but

on occasion, we can be seen at Plano Birthplace for birth center birth!


Post Partum

Post partum is one of those times in your life that

you should be treated like royalty.  BirthPointe

wants to check in from time to time to make sure


your transition is going

smoothly.  We will stay

with you after your

birth until you are

stable and we will

return to your home

two days after delivery to check-in.  At two weeks

we want to see you again to determine how well

you and your baby are fairing and then again at 6

weeks for your postpartum exam.


After your Birth

After your baby has made it's big arrival, we will

provide a full newborn assessment.  This medical

assessment will become a baseline for your

pediatrician and copies of the assessment will be

provided so that it will be a part of your baby's

permanent medical record.  


On occasion, some babies may need a little extra


attention when it

comes to breastfeeding. 

BirthPointe will help

you get that first latch

and troubleshoot any

issues that you may

have.  We even have

numerous resources to

help you be successful

in feeding your baby.


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