BirthPointe offers a variety of

gynecological services, that focus

on your different life stages and

events.  Our goal is to provide you

with a friendly environment and

take the awkwardness out of your

gynecological exam.  We will

review your medical history,

discuss your current health

status, and health goals - all

before we ask you to put on an

exam gown.


Our Gynecology Services



             Adolescent Gynecology

             Pap smear

             Vaginal Infections

             Urinary Tract Infections

             Birth Control / Family Planning

             Treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections

             Painful periods

             Abnormal menstrual bleeding


             Breast Exams

             Vulvar pain

             Well Woman Exams


As Certified Nurse Midwives, we are trained and licensed to

perform all gynecology exams, procedures and testing that

is pertinent to your care.

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