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Traci Santangelo, RN, MS, CNM

Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Texas Womans' University and started my career working in a local Labor & Delivery Unit.  I then married a Yankee (don't hold it against me) and he moved me to Detroit, Michigan, then to Miami, Florida and then to Chicago, Illinois - all for his exciting career.  

Traci Santangelo, RN, CNM

It was at the University of Illinois at Chicago that I received my Masters in Nursing with a Midwifery designation and a deep desire to move back to the Lone Star State.  I was tired of being cold!  During that time away, I had two children (that have my heart completely), worked in some incredible hospitals as a Labor Nurse and really developed a desire to serve women.

Birth has always been my passion.  I love every part of it!  From the first positive pregnancy test, to watching a mother hear her baby's heartbeat for the first time, to hearing that same baby cry at birth.  I find all of it exciting and am in constant awe of how perfect we are made to carry and birth a baby.  

I am a complete geek at the physiology of human development and can't help but talk about developmental milestones because they are interesting, and why wouldn't you want to know everything about your baby?!?  I never tire of it. And I never tire of a woman's need to feel validated, heard and respected.  You deserve that, you are a woman for goodness sake!

It is my great pleasure to serve women such as yourself at this time of your life.  I want
to give you the very best care I can provide, and I would be honored for the opportunity. 

Notes of Praise

"Your midwife is always such a huge part of your birth story when you reflect back on that special day.  And for us, Traci is such a bright spot in that story!  She was always intent to listen to me during appointments and took great care of me.  And then when it came to my birth, she honored my requests to labor with little interruption but was always close by for when I needed her.  She actually read my birth plan without forcing her plan on me but when here wisdom was needed, I fully trusted her decisions and skill.  I knew she was for me!!  During the pushing and delivery, she coached me, encouraged me, and ultimately celebrated with me!  I'm so grateful for my experience with her.  She is a gifted midwife and you will love working with her!"  - Ashley H.

"Traci was my midwife throughout my entire pregnancy.  She was very professional yet compassionate. Always included my husband in my prenatal care.  She explained prenatal tests thoroughly and allowed decisions.  She made my first pregnancy easier than I had imagined it would be.  Very nice and funny.  She was awesome!  Will definitely see her for my second pregnancy!"  - Elizabeth E.

"I do surveys every month on how her patients feel about their Provider, and to check to see how they are doing.  Ms. Santangelo's patients always rate her as 10 on a scale of 0 – 10."   - Marian M., RN

"Traci is one of the most kind hearted medical professionals I have ever had the pleasure of being under their care.  She was very understanding and treated me as a person, not as a number.  She understood that my pregnancy was completely different than anyone else's.  And I appreciated that after being told numerous things were wrong with me, when in fact they weren't.  I just didn't follow "the textbook pregnancy".  I was very happy with all of her care and recommend her to anyone that asks.  You won't find anyone like her."  - Sandy O.

"Traci was amazing when I was in labor with my 4th child.  I will never forget when she was holding my leg through a contraction, I started to get a horrible cramp in my toes and she instantly started massaging my toes!  Traci is like family and fit right in!  My other kids loved having her there and if I were to have another home birth she would definitely be there!"  - Erica O.

"Traci was just what I needed at my birth... calm, patient, knowledgeable and supportive!  She walked me step-by-step through the whole process.  Looking back, she was an integral piece in making the experience positive and peaceful.  And I love the video I have of her showing my husband how to change his first diaper!" -  Hope S.

"She was always so kind, funny, and caring.  She put me at ease and always took time to answer all my questions.  Despite being up half the night with another new mom the night before I went into labor, she was there to help me with mine, as she had promised.  She helped me to calm myself, to get in touch with my body, and to read my body's signs of birth.  I labored for about two hours in a tub.  She was strong and quiet when I needed strength, she told jokes when I needed to laugh, and she held my hand when my husband stepped out to get me water.  Traci let me do what I needed to do and helped me translate what my body was doing to move the birth along.  After about 2 hours of labor in the tub, my daughter decided to make her grand entrance.  Traci helped guide the baby out to minimize the tearing.  My daughter was born en-caul, meaning inside the intact amniotic sac, my water never broke.  In one swift move, Traci caught the baby, carefully popped and removed the sac, and placed my little angel on my chest.  All was right in the world.  There was no rush.  Just me and my baby.  Traci is the best midwife and helped make my birthing experience a beautiful one.  Birthing is such an intimate, intense experience, and I was glad to have Traci, who I trust with my life, by my side." - Heidi M.

"Traci made sure I was as comfortable as possible during my pregnancy.  She provided he max amount of knowledge to assure that my labor would be smooth.  If I were to ever go thru a pregnancy again, I would choose her for care a second time"  - Zee D.

"Traci Santangelo, is truly worth great recognition.  I recently saw Ms. Santangelo for my first Well-Woman Exam.  She made my first experience extremely comfortable.  She explained everything to me step-by-step, and didn't hesitate to stop if it seemed like I was uncomfortable.  Although, the exam itself is not pleasant, I would highly recommend Ms. Santangelo for being an awesome and patient provider!"  - Corrin G.


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