We Get These Questions A Lot!

What if I can’t take the pain?
When should I schedule my first appointment?
What is a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)?
Who can be at my birth?
Do I need to see a doctor?
What if I go past my due date?
Do you take insurance?
Do you offer nitrous oxide?
Traci was my midwife for my 4th baby. It was my first time natural and first time at home. I felt heard and cared for during appointments and she was just what I needed during the birth.

She was professional, kind, fun, and compassionate. I never felt rushed during appointments or during the birth. I wish I had her with me for my other births as well 
-Virginia Collier

We had our first home birth with Traci after 4 hospital deliveries. It was perfect. Her prenatal care was above and beyond, her attention during labor was excellent, and the post-natal care was so easy.

Thank you for a beautiful birth experience!!
-Sarah Ronan

Traci is kind, compassionate and so very smart. She is passionate about helping women have the birth experience they've always wanted, and will support you medically before, during and after your pregnancy. If you're looking for a nurse midwife, I highly recommend checking out BirthPoint!
-Heidj McBain

There aren't enough words to describe how amazing a birth with Traci is! Calm, respectful, always there when you need her.

The work she does is a gift that can't be taught, that's what sets her apart from the rest.
-Mat York

If you're thinking about a home birth, Traci is an amazing midwife who will guide you to the birth you want by educating you on all of your options without pressuring you into anything unnecessary.
-Amanda Griffeth