Our Mission

Supporting & Empowering Growing Families

BirthPointe Birth Center has been a dream for so long - a dream that caters to women as they grow their families. 

We want to use this momentous time in your life to support you, empower you and give you the tools to walk confidently in your idea of what motherhood is for you. 

It is this dream that allows us to open our center to the needs of women in our community.  To provide education for growing families, regardless if they choose to birth here, and to be a safe space for all types of mothers. 

Come in, take a look around, we think you will have found a space where you belong.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be your guide on the most wondrous journey of growing your family. Birth belongs to women - not to doctors, not to midwives, not to hospitals and not to insurance companies. Your pregnancy journey is as unique as you are.

This path you are taking, must align with your values as a woman and as a mother. BirthPointe is staffed by Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM), with many years of experience and we only offer individualized care. BirthPointe is not a one-size fits all operation. It isn’t a transaction. That is not appropriate for birth and it is not appropriate in caring for women.

We believe that you and your baby are the most important part of this equation, and we want to help you achieve the birth that you deserve.

BirthPointe's #1 goal is to deliver a beautiful, healthy, and personalized experience, everytime you give birth.

- Traci Santangelo, APN, CNM

Our Facility

This space was designed with you in mind, because you have always been our focus.
1.A comfortable waiting room
2.Friendly, familiar faces
3.Our birth rooms are super beautiful and very comfortable, which one will you choose?
4.Family friendly, just for you.
5.Our classroom is onsite, and has lots of classes to meet your needs.

Meet Your Team

Other Birth Professionals

Victoria King, PT, DPT
Pax Physical Therapy 
Nikki (Porteus) Peebles, DC, CACCP
Renew & Restore Wellness 
Whitney Williams
East Layne Births